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NeoNetworks is an integration platform provider who specialises in custom automation between business systems that are critical for business growth. Spire data accessibility and processing by connecting the business systems to any digital platform is their specialty. With their proprietary integration platform, NeoNetworks has simplified access to more and more software tools that businesses rely on.

Connecting ERP systems to B2B sales tools like Salesforce, Pepperi, ShopifyPlus. delivery and DSD options for distributors, payment gateways, e-invoicing and EDI along with analytic tools such as StockTrim, PowerBI and much more. NeoNetworks has already seen successful integration with Spire sites and is looking forward to helping Spire Partners provide integration solutions for their prospects and clients.

Spire &
Cloud Inventory

Spire &

Spire &
Payments, EDI, e-Invoices

Spire with Analytics Dashboard

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Utility Integrations

Interconnectivity between systems is critical for business growth.

Integration is the fastest and most cost-effective way to future proof the business information systems. Data accessibility and processing will continue to change for everyone so once the business data is live, connecting the business to any digital platform becomes simple and cost-efficient.

We are a fast-growing integrations company helping customers expand their data reach.

We are a fast-growing integrations company helping customers expand their data reach.
Neo Networks was established in 2002 providing managed solutions for businesses by coupling together emerging technologies as they became available. By 2014, we began to research integrations for our customers and due to the “then” complex nature of sharing data, we decided to write our own integration platform, giving simplified access to more and more software tools.

Today our platform services a broad range of global customers in most industries that are custom configured to each business requirement. Our two major strengths are the ability to custom configure our customer’s requirements and our ability to monitor their service once operational.


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